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Luxury Cruising - A Convenient Way to Travel

Cruising can be a relaxed way to see the world or an exciting adventure. It all depends on what you are looking for.

Once you board a cruise ship, you travel in comfort, unpacking only once while exploring many places. It is a great way to introduce you to destinations you’ve dreamed about visiting. And in many areas of the world, it is the most cost-effective way of traveling.

Depending upon your needs, you can select a cruise with several days at sea when you can relax and enjoy the facilities aboard ship. You might select a “port intensive” itinerary which will stop in a different city or destination every day. If you want adventure, you can choose a cruise that takes you off the ship in Zodiacs so you can explore more remote areas.

One of the best things about cruising is the opportunity to visit several cities in an area, getting a feel for the country and the people. You'll discover areas you love so much that you'll decide to return so you can spend several days there – and others in which spending a few hours is enough.

Some people find cruising confining and don’t want to travel in a structured manner. They don’t mind moving around, packing and unpacking, and exploring in a free-spirited manner. If this is you, cruising may not be the best option.

When we say cruising, most people relate to ocean cruising. Today, though, there are river ships on most of the major rivers of the world and expedition ships that visit destinations like Antarctica, the Arctic, and other remote areas.

Many people select their sailing first based on the itinerary, then select the cruise line and ship. Others, who have cruised many times on an individual cruise line, may select the cruise line and/or ship first, then the itinerary. When you are new to cruising, we urge you to try a few different cruise lines or ships before settling on one.

Collaborate for the Cruise of Your Dreams

We know that selecting and planning a cruise can be a tricky business. Research reveals an overwhelming number of choices, so let us alleviate the stress for you. Not everyone will enjoy every type of cruise, or even enjoy cruising. This is where the cruise specialists at Hager’s Journeys can help you sort through the options. We can make your entire vacation seamless and stress-free.

As experts in cruising, we have experience planning trips for all types of cruises. From large ships to small ships, river cruises to expedition adventures, we’ll use our knowledge and first-hand experience to help you create memories of a lifetime.

Check out our About Us page to learn about our experienced cruise and travel experts. Contact us when you begin your research. We can guide you along the way to help you select the right cruise for you.

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